Campus Life

Covering 15,000 m2 of indoor space, this gigantic complex brings out world-class standards of Library concept to our island, not only in terms of its size but also with the extensive services it offers. As for its physical dimensions and potentials, the Library houses over 500 thousand printed materials on its open shelves. It is a culture and information access centre built with respect to world standards, including more than 50 thousand electronic journals, 6,5 thousand DVDs, 17 booths for viewing films, 12 personal and group study rooms, 4 amphitheatres with a seating capacity for 1000, a 350-person theatre, a 600-person cafeteria and 600 study tables and 24 hours internet access. Open 24 hours a day, the complex is open to everyone free of charge.

The data base of the Library, which is established and equipped with the latest digital technology, can be accessed from your home via internet. If you are on-campus, you can even access the information while sunbathing on the grounds, thanks to our wireless network. The world’s Library concept is breaking new ground; it is no longer just a place to check out books. They serve as information access centres. This is the approach that we have used to develop services. On the one hand, we are serving for the expectations and desires of academic life, on the other hand, we are in an attempt to serve for vocational branches, the public needs and to both civil and government institutions. Soon, our reference services will be accessible via telephone, internet and SMS, so this service which is currently available only to academicians and researchers, will be accessible by the general public as well. You will be able to connect to this service and find out how old the president is or research issues of your concerns in the EU regulations. We are gradually improving our services and for the next 1O years, our major objective is to improve the capacity of printed materials on open shelves from 500 thousand to a collection of 1.5 million printed materials. The closed shelf system that we will use to serve users is already in ready. Within a short while, we believe that our Library, the outcome of a massive investment, will be one of the world’s finest.


You can reach our Grand Library’s online website from this link

The Library of the University of Kyrenia is located on the campus, and has been buying books, receiving donations and open to borrowers, since November 2015.  It holds a broad collection of materials in bothTurkish and English.  The Library is also home to a special collection of works by native Cypriot writers.
The Library is located on the second floor of the main building, and is serviced by an elevator to enable access for disabled students and staff.  The Library has a study area that can host more than 100 people, and offers a free wireless network.

Near East University and University of Kyrenia Dormitories

Dear Students,
Welcome  to the Near East University and University of Kyrenia Dormitories.  We hope that you will find that your time here is a good and special period of your life.  The Dormitories value your presence and hope that you will come to regard this place as a ‘home-from home’, in a peaceful , safe and friendly environment.  The dormitories of Near East University and University of Kyrenia strive to help you adapt to university life more easily.

The Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool was opened in 19 May 1997, with a magnificent ceremony. The pool complex occupies an internal area of 2700 m2, it has a ceiling height of 16 metres, it is centrally heated and it has a spectator seating capacity of 1000 people. The pool’s dimensions are 50 x 21 metres and it requires 3100 cubic tons of water. There are diving towers with varying heights of 3-5-7 and 10 metres. It is equipped with modern internal hardware and has a decent Aqua Café. The Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool is the first and only indoor Olympic pool in TRNC. Since the opening of the Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool-Near East University, summer and winter swimming courses have been started to be given. These courses have continued up until now and so far 12154 people have attended. All attendants of the swimming courses have been trained to swim with scientific methods. Near East University swimming Team has been founded within the same year as the pool’s establishment. Besides winning many championships, the NEU swimming team has broken many records in all official competitions held in TRNC in 1998-1999. NEU swimming team member A. Cemal ULUSAN won the bronze medal at Winter Swimming Competitions held in Turkish Republic in 17-18 December 1999 and became our pride. Many of our swimmers won several awards in the following years at swimming championships held in Turkey. Our swimmers Buğra KORAHAN, Şeniz BORA, Turgut IŞIK, Kemal SIMALIOĞLU were invited to join the National Swimming Team of Turkey and have represented our country in third world countries, proudly.


Our fundamental objectives are; to influence people to love the sport of swimming and through the use of scientific methods teach swimming to everyone living in TRNC. Another objective is to train athletes who can successfully represent NEU, University of Kyrenia and TRNC in competitions held both within the country and in overseas countries. One other objective is facilitating the treatment of illnesses via Kinesiotherapy. (This treatment only applies to the treatment of illnesses, which can be treated by Kinesiotherapy.)


Our vision is to give priority to the formation of the culture of swimming in TRNC. It is also to provide an environment for healthy living, and thus make the sport of swimming a lifestyle for people.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To train skillful swimmers to represent NEU, University of Kyrenia and TRNC both within the country and in overseas countries.
  2. Successful swimmers have the opportunity to achieve scholarships; scholarships to study at NEU College and University. In addition, athletes who intend to have an education abroad (such as in America and England, etc) can also benefit from scholarships available for swimmers.
  3. Attracting more and more students to prefer to study at Near East University with the fact that it is the only university which has an Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool.
  4. Being a type of sport that appeals to all muscle groups, swimming can be used in the treatment of many joints and muscles, and thus, lead to success of kinesiotherapy programs.
  5. To become a premise where students can enjoy their free time and therefore keep students away from bad habits, up to an extent.
  6. Appointing professional trainers of Indoor Olympic Pool as National Team Coaches. Providing the course attendants of Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool-Near East University, with the opportunity to be performance swimmers.
  7. Recruiting at least 20 people, as part-time, during the swimming courses held in summer months.

It’s Strengths:

  1. There are 6 universities in the TRNC. The Near East University is the only university that comprises an Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool.
  2. It is the only pool that provides service for 12 months a year.
  3. It is positioned close to the capital of Nicosia, which is the highest populated city in TRNC.
  4. It provides service to all swimming clubs connected to the TRNC Federation of Swimming and to all the students of; primary and secondary schools and universities.
  5. The pool complex encloses a room for press, a VIP tribune and a spectator seating capacity of 1000 people.
  6. It comprises diving towers with Olympic measures.
  7. It has a decent cafeteria: the Aqua Café.
  8. It provides to service to trainees, especially through the courses held in summer.
  9. In the case of an emergency, there is a first aid room where the first intervention can be applied. It has the opportunity to promptly benefit from the Health and Wellness Centre, which is also located on campus.
  10. It has the privilege of being the premise where all the competitions of the Federation of Swimming are held.
  11. It is the only Olympic swimming pool which offers kinesiotherapy courses.
  12. It comprises trainers who are specialists in their fields.
  13. It has the capacity to hold courses for 100 people at the same time.
  14. It offers swimming courses to Near East Junior School, Near East College, University of Kyrenia Faculty of Maritime and BESYO (Institute of Physical Training and Sport).

The Near East University Training and Research Hospital has been established on the campus of Near East University, Lefkosa, North Cyprus. Within its future-oriented structure, it serves patients from all over the world. The hospital’s state-of-art infrastructure experienced medical and support staff and unmatched technology are at international standards only seen at its western counterparts.

The NEU Hospital was planned as a patient-centered institution. The international standards according to the Joint Comission International (JCI) have been adopted in advance to become a world-class center to realize medical and other services for the patients.

It has a 55,000 square-meter closed area with 209 private, single patient rooms, 8 operating theatres, 30-bed Intensive Care Unit, 17-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a laboratory where a wide array of tests can be carried out, and a cutting-edge diognostic imaging center.

To fulfil the diverse needs of the international patients an “International Patient Coordination Center” has been created. This facility arranges and coordinates the transfer of international patients and their companions to and from North Cyprus. Further more appropriate accommodations by translators will help them to communicate in their own languages. The Centre also arranges tours and social activities within the country. The objective of the Centre is to send the patients back their homes as healthy and happy individuals.

The Near East University boasts with many “Firsts” in Cyprus. The NEU Hospital’s achievements are;

  • The first and only private university hospital.
  • The first and only high-tech Radiotheraphy Center (Rapid Arc Technology).
  • The first and only PET/CT.
  • The first and only reference laboratory where all medical tests can be performed.
  • The first and only HIS, RIS and LIS digital computer systems.
  • The first and only air-jet ambulance.

Universities are regarded not only the foundations providing extensive academic study opportunities, but also, stand out as the places to develop yourself in social, cultural, artistic and sports activities. Universities provide an environment full of opportunities for discussions of thoughts; where one can express himself/herself freely. Therefore with the help of universities, the culture of democracy is acquired and nurtured. Universities aim to train qualified people, to cultivate science and technology, to bring forth projects and to ensure the development and transmission of culture.

On the path to reaching a society with high knowledge, Near East University shows importance and acknowledges the necessity of making investments in people. The university intends to bring up intellectual individuals, who; are researchers, are questioners, are able to use initiative, are competitive, have a strong sense of social relations, are confident, are creative, are able to make right decisions, renew himself/herself in the light of modern developments, resolve problems on the axis of science and logic, have acquired the attributes of a republic and are enchanted with love for Atatürk.

For the last seven years, Near East University has the distinction of winning the most championships at sports competitions organized by TRNC University Sports Federation.

University of Kyrenia aims to provide opportunities for the students: to develop socially and culturally by the principles of Atatürk, to protect their physical and mental health, to equip them with the necessary skills to be creative and researching and to fill their social needs by providing appropriate activities.

Founded in 1994, the Office of Health, Culture and Sports has been focused on many important tasks. These tasks involve providing the students sportive, social and cultural activities, which have been designed to be benefited from at times other than the students’ intensive instruction. The university has over 500 licensed athletes who are actively involved in all branches of sports in every category.

Social and Cultural Clubs

One of the main duties of the Office of Health, Culture and Sports is to organise sporting, social and cultural activities which have been designed to be benefited from the times other than the students’ intense schedule.

  • Hazerfen Aviation Clu
  • Basketball Club
  • Chess Club
  • Dance Club
  • Environment Club
  • International Culture Club
  • Literature Club
  • Logistic Club
  • Marine Club
  • Music Club
  • Out Door Sports Club
  • Photography Club
  • Marksmanship Club
  • Social Media Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Water Sports and Sailing Club
  • Fenerbahçe Fan Club
  • Beşiktaş Fan Club
  • Galatasaray Fan Club
  • Trabzonspor Fan Club

IBM’s supercomputer, located in the Innovation and Information Technologies Center, was established in 2007. Having ranked 13th amongst the universities in the world with its computation speed and capacity, Supercomputer is also the second most powerful computer in the region.

Specifications: Cluster 1

Node Model:IBM Blade HS21 XM
Number of Nodes / Cores: 160 / 1280
Processor: Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz
Total Memory: 25,6 TB total, 2 GB per Core
Total Storage: 25 TB
Interconnect: Infiniband 4x 20 GB/sec
Operating System: SLES 10 Service Pack 2
Performance Value: Rmax (Gflops) 9243.89 – Rpeak (Gflops) 11945
Back-up Unit: TS3310 – 94 slot / 94 x 800 = 75.2 TB
Queue Management: LoadLeveler
Node Management: CSM 1.7.0
File System: GPFS 3.2.1
Web interface:

Specifications: Cluster 2

Node Model: IBM Blade QS20
Number of Nodes: 8
Processor: 3.2 GHz Cell BE (2 processors per node)
Total Memory: 1 GB XDRAM (per node)
Total Storage: 15 TB
Interconnect: Infiniband 4x 20 GB/sec
Operating System: Fedora 8
Back-up Unit: TS3310 – 94 slot / 94 x 800 = 75.2 TB

Specifications: Cluster 3

Node Model: IBM A-pro
Number of Nodes: 5
Processor: AMD Opteron 285 2.6GHz (2 per node)
Total Memory: 4 GB (per node)
Total Storage: 25 TB
GPU-Unit: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500
Interconnect: Infiniband 4x 20 GB/sec
Operating System: RedHat AS 4.0 Update 3
Back-up Unit: TS3310 – 94 slot / 94 x 800 = 75.2 TB

Specifications: Softwares

  • Matlab Distributed Compute Engine
  • Intel C++ Compiler v10.1
  • Intel Fortran Compiler v10.1
  • Intel MKL Cluster Edition v10.0
  • OpenMPI v1.2.6
  • Mvapich v1.0.1
  • Mvapich2 v1.0.3

The supercomputer not only provides free services to research projects of all universities in Turkey and in Turkic republics, but also holds major championships in global projects.

Current Projects

  • Help Conquer Cancer (World Community Grid)
  • CERN Big Bang
  • Bilkent Matrix Project
  • NEU Oil Price Forecast
  • FightAIDS@Home (World Community Grid)
  • Nutritious Rice for the World (World Community Grid)

The shuttle services started in 1991 with only 3 buses, 1 mini-bus, 4 drivers and 1 manager. In 2003, it was reorganized and continues to service in the most organized way.

Services And Responsibilities of Transportation Office

  • Meeting the transportation needs of students with about 100 buses between the campus and various locations of city, including the city center.
  • Offering transportation for the students of pre-school, elementary school , college and all faculties, for educational or academical activities in and out of campus.
  • Offering transportation for students and personnel  for  Campus-Nicosia-Campus and Campus-Gönyeli-Campus routes
  • Offering shuttle services for social events and academic activities which takes place outside the campus.
  • Offering shuttle services for instructors coming from overseas, their transfer  from the airport or the harbour  to the campus, and also their transfer from the campus to the airport or the harbour..
  • Offering transportation for graduation ceremonies and parties.
  • Transfer of newly registered students from airport and seaports to campus.
  • Offering transportation services for NEU Sports teams and for all the cultural and social clubs.
  • Offering transportation to journeys and sightseeing trips arranged by faculties.
  • Offering transportation services for the Near East Tourism and Travel Agency and Near East Filling station.
  • Providing maintenance and repairment services for vehicles used in by the Near East institutions.
  • Providing transportation services for Management of Canteen and Cafeterias, and main cookery unit.
  • Providing other sort of transportation services as required.
07:30 08:30
09:30 10:30
11:30 12:30
13:30 14:30
15:30 16:30
17:30 18:30


  • 1- NEU Divinity Faculty Exit
  • 2– Kyrenia Roundabout
  • 3 – Eziç Traffic Lights
  • 4– Apartlar Road
  • 5 – Terminal
  • 6 – Water Roundabout
  • 7 – Doğanköy Roundabout
  • 8 – Bellapais Traffic Lights
  • 9 – Kyrenia Harbour Roundabout
  • 10 – Karakum
  • 11 – University of Kyrenia Arrival
09:00:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
11:00:00 AM 03:00:00 PM
02:00:00 PM 06:00:00 PM
  • 1- NEU – Divinity Faculty Exit
  • 2 – Dikmen
  • 3 – Kyrenia Roundabout
  • 4 – Eziç Traffic Lights
  • 5 – Apartlar Road
  • 6 – Terminal
  • 7 – Water Roundabout
  • 8 – Doğanköy Roundabout
  • 9 – Bellapais Traffic Lights
  • 10 – Kyrenia Harbour Roundabout
  • 11 – Karakum
  • 12 – University of Kyrenia Arrival
REGION Terminal Departure Time
NEU Departure Time
Gazimağusa 07:30:00 AM 01:30:00 PM
Gazimağusa 07:45:00 AM 05:30:00 PM
There is no service for Gazimağusa on Saturdays
Güzelyurt 08:00:00 AM 01:00:00 PM
Güzelyurt 02:00:00 PM 06:00:00 PM
Güzelyurt*(Saturday) 08:00:00 AM 01:00:00 PM
Kyrenia 08:00:00 AM 01:00:00 PM
Kyrenia 02:00:00 PM 06:00:00 PM
Kyrenia*(Saturday) 08:00:00 AM 01:00:00 PM

Nicosia – Hamitköy – Ortaköy – Yenikent
Transportation Service Time

Nicosia-Hamitköy-Ortaköy-Yenikent Transportation Service signboards can be seen on the windshields of the buses. The buses leave the Main Bus Stop (in front of dormitory no. 8) every hour.

Departure Venue: Main Bus Stop in front of Dormitory No. 8.

2015 – 2016 Academic Year Nicosia Region Transportation Service Time
Campus Departure Time
Campus Arrival Time
06:45:00 AM 07:20:00 AM
07:15:00 AM 07:45:00 AM
07:30:00 AM 08:00:00 AM
08:00:00 AM 08:45:00 AM
09:15:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
10:15:00 AM 11:00:00 AM
11:15:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
12:15:00 PM 01:00:00 PM
01:15:00 PM 02:00:00 PM
02:00:00 PM 03:00:00 PM
03:00:00 PM 04:00:00 PM
04:00:00 PM 05:00:00 PM
05:15:00 PM 06:00:00 PM
06:15:00 PM 07:00:00 PM
07:15:00 PM 08:00:00 PM
08:15:00 PM 09:00:00 PM
09:15:00 PM 10:00:00 PM

Weekend Service: Saturday Transportation is available from 17:00 (Alternating Hours)
Sunday Transportation is available from 09:00 (Alternating Hours)

Gönyeli Transportation Service Time and Route

Gönyeli Transportation Service is available from 06:45 to 21:20. Gönyeli Transportation Service signboards can be seen on the windshields of the buses. The buses leave the Main Bus Stop (in front of dormitory no. 8) every hour.

Departure Venue: Main Bus Stop in front of Dormitory No. 8.

Campus Departure
Campus Arrival
06:45:00 AM 07:20:00 AM
07:30:00 AM 08:00:00 AM
08:20:00 AM 09:00:00 AM
09:20:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
10:20:00 AM 11:00:00 AM
11:20:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
12:20:00 PM 01:00:00 PM
01:20:00 PM 02:00:00 PM
02:20:00 PM 03:00:00 PM
03:20:00 PM 04:00:00 PM
04:20:00 PM 05:00:00 PM
05:20:00 PM 06:00:00 PM
06:20:00 PM 07:00:00 PM
07:20:00 PM 08:00:00 PM
08:20:00 PM 09:00:00 PM
09:20:00 PM 10:00:00 PM

Weekend Service: Saturday Transportation is available from 17:00 (Alternating Hours)
Sunday Transportation is available from 09:00 (Alternating Hours)


Transportation Office Departure
08:00:00 AM Apartments and Dormitories
09:00:00 AM Main Bus Stop
10:00:00 AM Education Palace
11:00:00 AM Innovation Center
12:00:00 PM Hospital – Roundabout
01:00:00 PM Rector Office
02:00:00 PM Faculty of Law
03:00:00 PM Under the Bridge
04:00:00 PM  
05:00:00 PM  
06:15:00 PM  
07:00:00 PM  
08:00:00 PM

Note: 08:00 Transportation Service last stop is at the Grand Library

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