Covering 15,000 m2 of indoor space, this gigantic complex brings out world-class standards of Library concept to our island, not only in terms of its size but also with the extensive services it offers. As for its physical dimensions and potentials, the Library houses over 500 thousand printed materials on its open shelves. It is a culture and information access centre built with respect to world standards, including more than 50 thousand electronic journals, 6,5 thousand DVDs, 17 booths for viewing films, 12 personal and group study rooms, 4 amphitheatres with a seating capacity for 1000, a 350-person theatre, a 600-person cafeteria and 600 study tables and 24 hours internet access. Open 24 hours a day, the complex is open to everyone free of charge.

The data base of the Library, which is established and equipped with the latest digital technology, can be accessed from your home via internet. If you are on-campus, you can even access the information while sunbathing on the grounds, thanks to our wireless network. The world’s Library concept is breaking new ground; it is no longer just a place to check out books. They serve as information access centres. This is the approach that we have used to develop services. On the one hand, we are serving for the expectations and desires of academic life, on the other hand, we are in an attempt to serve for vocational branches, the public needs and to both civil and government institutions. Soon, our reference services will be accessible via telephone, internet and SMS, so this service which is currently available only to academicians and researchers, will be accessible by the general public as well. You will be able to connect to this service and find out how old the president is or research issues of your concerns in the EU regulations. We are gradually improving our services and for the next 1O years, our major objective is to improve the capacity of printed materials on open shelves from 500 thousand to a collection of 1.5 million printed materials. The closed shelf system that we will use to serve users is already in ready. Within a short while, we believe that our Library, the outcome of a massive investment, will be one of the world’s finest.


You can reach our Grand Library’s online website from this link

The Library of the University of Kyrenia is located on the campus, and has been buying books, receiving donations and open to borrowers, since November 2015.  It holds a broad collection of materials in bothTurkish and English.  The Library is also home to a special collection of works by native Cypriot writers.
The Library is located on the second floor of the main building, and is serviced by an elevator to enable access for disabled students and staff.  The Library has a study area that can host more than 100 people, and offers a free wireless network.
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