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Welcome to Universıty of Kyrenia

Our university is one of the best universities not only in TRNC but also in Turkey and all over the world, with its education and scientific research  standards.University of Kyrenia aims to educate; liberal, modernist, critical thinking, self-confident, creative, prejudice-free, socially responsible and environmentally conscious individuals. One of our main aims is to graduate our student besides their academics and scientific progress also with cultural, intellectual and artistic formation.

As Dean of students of University of Kyrenia we have our door opens at all times you, for our dear new members, to make your life easier and better at the university. We are ready to offer you our best to improve your academic and social performance.

You can share with us all your, Question, Problems and Comments. To contact with us you can send email to <a href=””></a> or you can call us at 0(392)22364/594,581 ‘n working hours.

Welcome to the high-class and exclusive higher education life at world standards in peaceful, secure and free environment of Cyprus and Kyrenia.

We wish you all successful and happy university life.

Hope to see you at our campus.

Assoc.Prof.Doc.Dudu Özkum
Dean of students

Prof. Dr. İlkay SALİHOĞLU

Founding Chairman of Board of Trustees

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dudu Özkum Yavuz

Dean of Students

Student Counselling and Communication

İlknur Aydoğdu


Nora Sabiayon

Student Counselling and Communication Centre Team Leader

Frederick Yohanna Letong

Student Counselling and Communication Centre Team Member

Mina Assim

Student Counselling and Communication Centre Team Member

Çağla Akarsel

Student Counselling and Communication Centre Team Member

Student Activity Center

Anastasiia Molla

Dean’s Assistant
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