Office of Health, Culture and Sports

Office of Health, Culture and Sports

Universities are regarded not only the foundations providing extensive academic study opportunities, but also, stand out as the places to develop yourself in social, cultural, artistic and sports activities. Universities provide an environment full of opportunities for discussions of thoughts; where one can express himself/herself freely. Therefore with the help of universities, the culture of democracy is acquired and nurtured. Universities aim to train qualified people, to cultivate science and technology, to bring forth projects and to ensure the development and transmission of culture.

On the path to reaching a society with high knowledge, Near East University shows importance and acknowledges the necessity of making investments in people. The university intends to bring up intellectual individuals, who; are researchers, are questioners, are able to use initiative, are competitive, have a strong sense of social relations, are confident, are creative, are able to make right decisions, renew himself/herself in the light of modern developments, resolve problems on the axis of science and logic, have acquired the attributes of a republic and are enchanted with love for Atatürk.

For the last seven years, Near East University has the distinction of winning the most championships at sports competitions organized by TRNC University Sports Federation.

University of Kyrenia aims to provide opportunities for the students: to develop socially and culturally by the principles of Atatürk, to protect their physical and mental health, to equip them with the necessary skills to be creative and researching and to fill their social needs by providing appropriate activities.

Founded in 1994, the Office of Health, Culture and Sports has been focused on many important tasks. These tasks involve providing the students sportive, social and cultural activities, which have been designed to be benefited from at times other than the students’ intensive instruction. The university has over 500 licensed athletes who are actively involved in all branches of sports in every category.

Social and Cultural Clubs

One of the main duties of the Office of Health, Culture and Sports is to organise sporting, social and cultural activities which have been designed to be benefited from the times other than the students’ intense schedule.

  • Hazerfen Aviation Clu
  • Basketball Club
  • Chess Club
  • Dance Club
  • Environment Club
  • International Culture Club
  • Literature Club
  • Logistic Club
  • Marine Club
  • Music Club
  • Out Door Sports Club
  • Photography Club
  • Marksmanship Club
  • Social Media Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Water Sports and Sailing Club
  • Fenerbahçe Fan Club
  • Beşiktaş Fan Club
  • Galatasaray Fan Club
  • Trabzonspor Fan Club
Office of Health, Culture and Sports
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